Niio is being widely adopted as the easy to use solution for powering the entire workflow of art fairs, festivals, events, calls for submission and creative competitions. It supports all types of artworks and rich file formats, enabling a single, centralized platform for event managers to receive, review and organize submissions which can then be exhibited in physical spaces and online using Niio’s 4K ArtPlayer and Remote Control App.


How does it work?


Event Landing Page
Create a customized landing page with submission details, rules and prizes.

Submissions & Participation
Publish & Share a dedicated event web page. Enable artists and galleries to upload and submit multi-format works or portfolios directly to the event account.


Judge & Select
Ability for multiple users to easily filter, review and select from all submitted works in one centralized location.


Curate & Display
Winning works can be curated into an exhibition set and then seamlessly displayed on any number of screens in any physical location.


Archive & Show Online
Post event, the artworks can continue to live on and be shared, experienced, monetized and displayed both on and offline.



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