NIIO: Open Call for a new video art platform.

NIIO is changing the way video art is seen, discovered and collected. We are searching for original, thought provoking, visually striking video art works, produced by emerging to established artists from diverse backgrounds and regions.
This Open Call aims to offer a democratic voice to creators who are focused on media art and the digital medium. Works selected by the curatorial program and jury will be featured in a rotating exhibition in select locations around the world.


Who can apply?

Emerging to established artists who are 21+

Apply Now:

Video Art / Animation (HD/4K Single Channel)

Video Art / Animation (HD/4K Single Channel)


Submission Process:

The submission process is powered by the NIIO platform.
There are three easy steps to take in order to submit your artwork for consideration (5-10 minutes process, detailed instruction are presented below):

Click the “Apply Now” button to start the process and create a private Niio account.

Note: If you already have a Niio account, please make sure that you are logged in and only then click the “Apply Now” button to start the submission process.


Please make sure you follow the questionnaire requests and apply with:

– Submission questionnaire and CV
– Artwork description & metadata
– High resolution Media file of the artwork

Note: if you have a video file – in order for your project to be included in the selection process – please upload a high resolution video file to your Niio account, and not just a link to the video on other platforms.

Once works have been uploaded to your private Niio account you will receive an email notifying you the artwork processing has been completed. You will then need to “SUBMIT” your works to the event in order to complete your application. All application forms are private and cannot be seen publicly.

You can contact at any time if you need assistance.

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NIIO is a purpose built cloud platform with professional tools for managing, distributing and showcasing artworks. The platform provides a media rich portfolio & collection management tool, enables distribution and private transfers of artwork files between artists, galleries, collectors and events and offers a professional 4K ‘media art’ player for displaying works at exhibitions.