Nomadic Space
Curated Artcast // Summer 2018

adjective: nomadic
living the life of a nomad; wandering.

The Nomadic Space project is dedicated to the idea of displaying moving image art in private and public spaces, departing from the traditional way of presenting art. The programs will be distributed to several locations internationally, and through this, channel a way to reach a wider audience.

Nomadic Space is curated by Daniela Arriado, and is a collaboration between NIIO and Art Republic. 

The first curated series presents programs addressing the relation between nature, perception and ecology. In Native Strangers, artists explore the relationship between the human being and nature. The Boundaries of Perception addresses different layers, and modes of interpretation of time. Transitions presents art works created in the meeting between art and science, that are inspired by mystic and scientific approaches, and that through this journey highlights the beauty of critical transitions.

Participating Artists:

Ulu Braun (DE) / Tone Bordam (NO) / Irene Cruz (SP) / Christiane Geoffroy (FR) / Ori Gersht (UK) / Gary & Jason Greenberg (US) / Iselin Linstad Hauge (NO) / Dana Levy (ISR) / Chrischa Venus Oswald (DE) / Carlotta Piccinini (IT) / Nicolas Rupcich (CL) / Noah Shulman (US) / Ubermorgen (AUS) / Levi van Veluw (NL) and more.


Tone Bjordam

In the video Coral, we are captivated as viewers by what can best be described as a moving abstract painting with allusions to both traditional romantic, atmospheric paintings and chemical processes. With seductive imagery in a meditative pace, we are faced with cascades of colours that slowly appear to assume the shape of organic forms such as plants, smoke, clouds, explosions or, as the title suggests, corals.

Paintings in motion
Inspired by science and our experience of forms in nature, Tone Bjordam has for many years been working with video and photography projects visualising the movement and progression of liquid colour in fluids and unfolding organic forms. 
She stages controlled, yet playful experiments and creates imaginary landscapes and paintings in motion. She started using this technique as a student at the Art Academy in Oslo (2001-2007). Her first exhibited video with this technique was Liquid Landscape in 2005. A dark and gloomy landscape appears from the horizon and a cloudy weather system seems to build up around it. From there she moved on to make big format photographs of different liquids and in 2009, she made a video entitled Coral. In contrast to the dark, black and white, Liquid Landscape, Coral is bright and colourful. Coral won the People's Choice Award in all of the Carnegie Art Award exhibitions in 2010 in Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Noah Shulman

There is always movement, even in stillness. Things around us are constantly changing in tiny ways that we don’t notice, eventually building up to growth and death. In “Confluence,” a new film by director Noah Shulman, viewers look beyond what the human eye is capable of seeing to experience those moments in between the transformations that we perceive.  Noah Shulman shot an array of processes both natural and mechanical at incredibly close range and in a controlled environment, allowing to isolate the micro-movements that constantly occur around us in a nearly balletic way. The film includes extreme close-ups of everything from magnetic to chemical and heat reactions, but it’s up to the viewer to extrapolate out from what they can see to imagine the larger view that they can’t.  Created with specialty macro lenses and microscopes and shot in 4K resolution, the film reveals hauntingly beautiful movement at the microscopic level and reminds viewers that everything around them is in flux, even when the surface is calm. Tiny movements compound upon each other to create perceptible change. The film is part of Mental Fabrications, an installation by architect Ion Popian that aims to map the mind's mental landscape through electroencephalogram (EEG) and 3D printing. To do that, “Confluence” seeks to stimulate particular brain activities and reactions.

Iselin Linstad Hauge
The Foreignness of Her

The Foreignness of Her consists of text and moving images, that show a waterbuck calf trapped inside a structure of high concrete walls. The calf shifts between standing completely still to walking back and forth, as if trying to find a way out, while the camera follows her every move closely. The walls are all too high, and there seems to be no exit. She gets increasingly restless while examining their height. The Foreignness of Her speaks of human self-knowledge and our relation to living beings, other than our selfs. It is about the potential understanding of something familiar that lies within the emotional closeness with the animal.

Chrischa Venus Oswald

Single Channel HD Video, 3.15 Min. (Loop), sound, color

THE WORLD is a video-loop humorously reflecting on the dichotomy of man & nature as well as dealing with the restrictions of the nature of human beings that man wants to overcome while knowing that in some way we´re puppets on a string regarding physical restraints. A landscape of trees is the stage and backdrop for this drama of lights and darks that is only revealed in its body of fun.

Nicolás Rupcich

In “EDF” the Chilean Patagonian landscapes from the “Torres del Paine National Park” are the main protagonists. As the video develops the images are slowly been deleted. The intervention consists in a “monumental black block" that literally blocks the landscape images. What we finally see is similar to the logic of the “fade to black” transition, the difference here is that not only the two-dimensional image fades to black, but also the topography is gradually covered.
One of the main ideas in the project is the problem of digital representation, in the context of what some people calls the “post-photography era”, where the images are no longer a representation of reality, but a way of reality itself. The annulation of the geography in the screen is an effort for making a simple visual but symbolically strong intervention that make us aware of the instability of the representational surface.

The full program is coming soon


Daniela Arriado

Director and founder of Art Republic, a platform dedicated to digital art and public space. Her work explores new curatorial approaches towards expanded borders of cinematic experiences and the audio-visual: the origin and vision behind the ongoing Screen City Biennial, which she founded in 2013. This approach has also fueled her work on projects concerning urban screens and online streaming platforms for video art and animation, aiming to pave new waves for the distribution and dissemination of the moving image to the public. She is a curatorial advisor for several organizations, galleries and fairs. Arriado is a member of PNEK - Production Network for Electronic Arts, Norway, and The Norwegian Association of Curators. Based in Berlin. 

Tone Bjordam.jpeg

Tone Bjordam

Norwegian artist Tone Bjordam makes projects related to nature, perception and ecology. Bjordam works with video, animation films, nature photography, abstract and nature-inspired paintings, intricate, detailed drawings and sculpture installations. She has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from The Art Academy in Oslo, Norway, and exhibits artwork internationally. Bjordam’s art, which takes the form of videos, animation films, nature photography, abstract paintings, intricate drawings, and geometric sculptures–goes where science alone cannot. Her art has the unique power to engage viewers empathically and aesthetically in a way that often simulates meaningful experiences with the natural world. 


Noah Shulman

Noah Shulman is a New York City born artist and creative filmmaker. He has a BFA in Film, Video and New Media from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has worked with commercial clients as diverse as Vox Media, Nike, Ford, Vogue, Coach and Samsung and has won several awards for his work including a Digiday Video Award for Best Video Ad.
Noah’s musical roots give him a unique sense of rhythm which he applies to his creative process. He is passionate about short form storytelling, native advertising and experimenting with innovative ways to create and deliver video content in the ever-changing digital space.


Iselin Linstad Hauge

Iselin Linstad Hauge (b.1981) works with film, text, photography and performance. Her work aims to develop a more sensitive awareness, highlighting the relationship between society and nature, with emphasis on the human-animal interaction. Hauge’s work has been exhibited at film festivals and galleries around the world, including Nordic Outbreak in N.Y., Hors Pistes at Centre Pompidou Paris, Moscow International Film Festival and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo. Hauge was educated at the European Film College in Denmark, the National Academy of Arts in Oslo, and the masters program in film at Valand Academy in Gothenburg. She has since 2009 been co-editor and publisher of the nordic art publication Spesial Nord.

Chrischa profilePic.jpeg

Chrischa Venus Oswald (*1984, Germany) studied Fine Arts at the University of Art and Design in Linz/Austria. In 2007 she received the Diesel New Art Award Austria for photography. She is a multidisciplinary artist and poet whose work has been screened and exhibited internationally, in festivals, group and solo shows. Her videos are also included in the video collection of Manuel de Santaren. Oswald´s work is very interested in relationships, forms of communication as well as the human condition/existential issues and thresholds of emotions and behaviour. She is often, but not solely, working with photography and video with works based on performative or narrative concepts tied to personal experiences, myth(ology) and specific knowledge or stories she comes across through research. She is also curious to switch between the position as performer and observer. Besides her visual artwork Oswald has continually been cultivating a literary practice in different languages (mostly in German, English and lately also in Portuguese). Her poems often preserve fleeting moments and sensual observations or serve as a kind of condensed diary, sometimes narrative, sometimes more encrypted. Recently her writing practice is influencing or becoming part of her visual work in a more direct way, too.

Nicolas profilePic.jpeg

Nicolás Rupcich (1981, Santiago, Chile) lives and works in Leipzig, Germany. Received his BFA from the Universidad Finis Terrae and his MA from the Universidad de Chile. Between 2013-2015 he did his Meisterschüler studies in Medienkunst at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig. He has exhibited his works mainly in solo and group shows, but also in international video and new media festivals, such as: FILE Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria. Transmediale, Berlín, Germany. Loop Festival, Barcelona, Spain, among others. Some of his recent grants and awards: DAAD Scholarship 2012-2015. 1st place in photography prize granted by Galería Patricia Ready, 2014. 2nd prize at FIVA international video festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2015.