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Sotheby's Art

An Evening of Art and Technology.
Presentation by Rob Anders,
Co-founder of Niio.

Video Art Market The Right Time To Rethink The Structure
by Alain Servais

What will the future be?
...An open digital platform where a proper ecosystem will develop for the displaying, distributing, monetizing, buying, and selling of video art. 
The platform must be open and stable enough to allow multiple services and value for all stakeholders while protecting the creator/producer’s copyright and other underlying rights as well as monitoring the respect of the technical constraints imposed by them, such as minimum resolution, display formats, screen size, etc.
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NIIO, the future of collecting video and digital art  by Pau Waelder

...While other companies have developed platforms, players and screens for video and digital art, Niio is the sole solution to effectively address the issues of distribution and preservation. When a user uploads a video file (up to 250 Gb), the system automatically creates different versions in several resolution sizes and formats. Therefore, an artist can upload the master file of an artwork, store it in the cloud and distribute copies according to the desired format and resolution. The system also creates new versions as new formats come out, ensuring that the file will be readable in the future (the company describes this feature as “future proof” storage of the artworks). Alongside the master file and copies, other documentation can be stored (installation instructions, statement, technical specifications and so on). Once the artwork is stored, it can be distributed in any way that its owner chooses: it can be editioned, sold (through an integrated paying and transfer system) and previewed with different levels of access. The artwork can also be displayed on any screen, on multiple screens, a projector or a video wall by means of the Art Console, a hardware that not only serves as a secure channel to display the artwork (since it downloads the file directly from Niio) but also runs a performance test to determine which version of the video is required for each screen or display device. Once the Art Console is plugged into a screen, it can be controlled using a smartphone app, which enables the user to manage multiple connected screens from a single interface..."

Interview with Niio co-founder Rob Anders

Interview with Niio co-founder Rob Anders
Part 1 - Introduction

Interview with Niio co-founder Rob Anders
Part 2 - Collaboration

Interview with Niio co-founder Rob Anders
Part 3 - Brands

Giant Leap For The Industry 
by CE Pro Europe

"Barco Residential is confident that its offering with Niio can help take the industry to a whole new level, effectively becoming a 'curator of experiences' rather than simply a provider of technology products and services."


Niio is the most comprehensive platform out there. Its technology is the strongest I have seen by far.
— Alain Servais Leading, influential collector of contemporary art, one of the world’s top 50 digital art collectors

As a leading gallery for new media and screen-based works, Niio’s management and distribution platform allows us to reach more potential buyers and offers our existing collectors a more advanced, yet easy to use method for managing and viewing their valuable media artworks
— Steven Sacks, founder / director of bitforms gallery

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Partnering with Niio allows us to do much more with our significant collection of digital works. Together, we hope to reach thousands of institutions, events and collectors.
— Al Brener, Director, Artist Pension Trust & Mutual Art
In partnering with Niio and embedding its software into our professional displays, we believe we can grow a significant new market sector.
— Chris Sluys CEO, PHILIPS Professional Displays

Barco is thrilled to have partnered strategically with Niio. The high quality media art works on their platform and their secure delivery and playback technology is a perfect complement to our best in class display products. Together, we enable the best possible experience of this important art medium, exactly as intended by the artists.
— Tim Sinnaeve, Director Barco Residential
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Next Big Art Thing: 'New Media'  by CE Pro 

"The opportunity in the art world has never been greater for A/V integrators, especially with a movement toward “new media art” comprising computer graphics, animations, virtual reality, interactivity and all other forms of “new media.” 

I think Niio can become the primary platform for the distribution and display of digital artwork.
— Pau Waelder Art critic, curator and researcher for 15 years of online digital art platforms

Niio provides something unique – which is an open platform that artists and companies like Lumen can use to protect their work. As it grows, it will help establish a higher degree of comfort among the established art community.
— Carla Rapoport, Founder & Director, Lumen Prize & Lumen Projects
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I’ll be preparing a new digital sculpture series for Niio. Excited to share them soon!
— Award winning media / data artist, director & lecturer UCLA Department of Design & Media Arts
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