The story of big screen digital art

The power of a big screen

The power and reach of big screen digital art cannot be understated. Architects, designers and property owners alike are often faced with a dilemma as to what digital content to place on their large LED or LCD. On the one hand they have an immense audience that walk under or in front of their screen. On the other hand that audience suffers from “banner blindness” as a result of continually seeing banal or recurring content on screens on a regular basis. Don’t get us wrong, we have nothing against CNN or the Weather Channel, but that kind of content simply won’t impressive or captivate an audience.

Elevating and Impacting Space

The answer to the dilemma is to address the real purpose of the screen in a public space. A large format screen is there to impact and elevate the space it lives in. It can only do that with content that meets these two requirements. Digital art does just that.

Telling a Story

Digital art is not just visually exciting, it also tells a story that connects the viewer with the art. At Niio, our art is curated by internally renown art curators, and its story is told and explained to you on your personal art page. This is the story that you can relay to your viewers. It may be the connection between the space and the community, it may equally be a story about aspects of life that inspire or intrigue the viewer. The aim is to let the viewer look and linger, lift their eyes from their phones for a few valuable moments.

Niio Public Installations

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