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Thank you for participating in NIIO’s new series of Curated Video Art Programs.

If you’ve received this link you were personally invited by a member of the NIIO Curatorial Committee to submit your artworks to the curated program, within the specified dates below.

Nomadic Space / Curated Program

adjective: nomadic
living the life of a nomad; wandering.

The Nomadic Space project is dedicated to the idea of displaying moving image art in private and public spaces, departing from the traditional way of presenting art. The programs will be distributed to several locations internationally, and through this, also channel a way to reach a wider audience. This will allow screenings in public spaces such as high-end hotels and companies office spaces, and access to private collectors to experience your work. These venues will be paying screening fees that are shared with the content owners. In addition, the programs will be accessible to museums, galleries and available for educational purposes.

Each subscriber and location will have access to the ongoing Curated Programs and display them on professional grade 4K screens or projectors with sound option. NIIO collaborates with hardware manufacturers such as BARCO and PHILIPS. The Artworks will not be available as a full video online unless expressly specified by the Artist. All videos are distributed and monitored by the NIIO management cloud platform and professional media Player.

NIIO platform follows a payment model giving a minimum of 30% of the monthly program subscription fee back to the artists.

The First Curated Series  

The first series is curated by Daniela Arriado and Vanina Saracino, and presents programs addressing the relation between nature, perception and ecology. In Native Strangers, artists explore the relationship between the human being and nature. The Boundaries of Perception addresses different layers, and modes of interpretation of time. Transitions presents art works created in the meeting between art and science, that are inspired by mystic and scientific approaches, and that through this journey highlights the beauty of critical transitions.

Registration Process

The registration process consists of three simple steps:

JOIN – Create a private Niio account or login to your existing one (5 minute process).

UPLOAD – Upload your artworks and the relevant meta-data. Note: in order for your artwork to be included in the selection process, please upload a high resolution video file to your Niio account and include a full artwork description.

SUBMIT – Transfer your artwork to the Curatorial Committee.

Contact at any time if you have any questions or need any assistance.

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Niio is the premium discovery and display platform for curated video and new media art, trusted by leading artists, galleries and curators to expose their very best moving image artworks.


Daniela Arriado

Director and founder of Art Republic, a platform dedicated to digital art and public space. Her work explores new curatorial approaches towards expanded borders of cinematic experiences and the audio-visual: the origin and vision behind the ongoing Screen City Biennial, which she founded in 2013. This approach has also fueled her work on projects concerning urban screens and online streaming platforms for video art and animation, aiming to pave new waves for the distribution and dissemination of the moving image to the public. She is a curatorial advisor for several organizations, galleries and fairs. Arriado is a member of PNEK - Production Network for Electronic Arts, Norway, and The Norwegian Association of Curators. Based in Berlin. 


Vanina Saracino

Vanina Saracino is an independent curator and film programmer currently based in Berlin. She is the co-founder of OLHO, an international curatorial project about contemporary art and cinema initiated in 2015 in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, also shown at the Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi (2017) and Palais de Tokyo (2018). From 2013 to 2017 she curated monthly selections of artists' films on the experimental channel ikonoTV, being also in charge of collaborations and projects with museums and institutions worldwide. Other projects include 'Fragmented Vision' (Musrara Mix Festival, Jerusalem, 2018); 'Earthly Mutations: Films From the Near Future' (Salzburger Kunstverein, Austria, 2018); 'The Crisis of the Horizon' (Small Projects, Tromsø, Norway, 2018); 'Lost Dimension' (AMIFF, Harstad, Norway, 2017); 'The Impossibility of an Island' (within TBA21's 'Open Ocean Space x COP23', Bonn and Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdansk, Poland, 2017).

For more information about the nomadic space program, please visit:

Participating Artists in Niio Curated Programs

Ulu Braun (DE) / Tone Bordam (NO) / Irene Cruz (SP) / Christiane Geoffroy (FR) / Ori Gersht (UK) / Gary & Jason Greenberg (US) / Iselin Linstad Hauge (NO) / Dana Levy (ISR) / Chrischa Venus Oswald (DE) / Carlotta Piccinini (IT) / Nicolas Rupcich (CL) / Noah Shulman (US) / Ubermorgen (AUS) / Levi van Veluw (NL) and more.

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